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Swell is a wall-mounted acoustic panel. With its high-quality acoustic padding, the wall panel absorbs sound, thus reducing the reverberation time. The sound level also decreases, improving acoustics. Especially in rooms where the ceiling does not offer any acoustic possibilities, an acoustic wall panel is the solution. With its high absorption values and the possibility of placing the panels close to the source, a wall panel gives immediate results. Swell can be placed freely on the wall or wall-filling. When we install a wall-filling panel, we finish the entire wall acoustically. Frames, switches and wall sockets are excluded, even doors are covered.

We make Swell in two different thicknesses. A panel with a 25 mm profile is subtly present on the wall and has an acoustic value of aw=0.65. For optimal acoustics, we use a 50 mm frame with 40 mm acoustic wool. This provides an acoustic value of aw=0.95.

High-quality acoustic wall panel

Aluminium frame, acoustic wool, flannel, cloth

Various sizes possible

Depth of frame 25 or 50 mm

aw = 0.65 - 0.95


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