Patch Squares

Patch is sold per whole slab. For each type, the number of tiles per slab varies. Take this into account when calculating the number of slabs required.

295x295 (32 pieces per sheet)
590x590 (8 pieces per sheet)

About the product

In-Zee's PET Felt wall tiles are made to cover walls with beautiful and colourful patterns. Because the tiles are made of PET Felt, they improve the acoustics in the room and it is also a sustainable material made from recycled PET bottles. The tiles come in 9 standard shapes and several sizes. Combining the shapes creates unusual graphic patterns. The tiles have a bevelled, faceted edge to accentuate the patterns. You can cover the entire wall with them or stick a few pieces on the wall as eye-catchers. Besides their acoustic properties, the tiles are also suitable for use as notice boards. We make the tiles in a number of standard graphic patterns, but it is also possible to supply your own pattern, cut out a logo or have our studio create a custom design. The tiles are available in our colour palette of 39 colours but can also be printed digitally.

Finish: with beveled edge
Confirmation: glued directly to the wall

Single colour PET Felt


aw = 0.2 (with wool substrate, aw up to 1.0 is feasible)


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