PET Felt

PET Felt is a refreshing new material made from recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET). At least 60% of a sheet consists of recycled fibres, this varies by colour.

PET Felt is a ready-made acoustic board material. It is soft, strong and durable. Thanks to these physical properties, it is easy to process and apply without costly constructions and materials. The panels are also suitable for printing.

For several reasons, PET Felt offers the perfect solution to today's demand for sustainable materials. Without having to choose between flexibility, shape or colour.

PET Felt circle of different coloured acoustic sheet material


Polyethylene terephthalate (PET). At least 60% of a sheet consists of recycled fibres, this varies by colour

Our PET Felt comes in 39 unique colours. Download our colour chart here

Fixed to substrate: aw=0.2, hanging loose in space: aw=0.45
PET Felt is 9mm thick as standard, the panels are 2440x1220x9mm. For thicker panels, these can be glued down to 18 or 27mm
+/- 1900gram/m2

PET Felt is coloured at fibre level and fire-resistant impregnated before being manufactured into sheets. As a result, all our sheets are fire class B approved through and through: EN13501-1 Class B-s1-d0

PET Felt is water-repellent rather than absorbent. With prolonged exposure, liquids will eventually do penetrate the porous structure of the felt. However, this does not affect the function, colour or rigidity of the felt

Download our sustainability document here

Processing techniques

Besides its high-quality acoustic application, PET Felt lends itself to many other applications. It can be easily CNC cut, folded and bent with several beautiful finishes. In addition, the material has certain unique characteristics. We list all these properties and processing possibilities below.

PET Felt detail cut-out pattern

Cutting PET Felt is done with an oscillating knife for a clean-cut finish. Cutting can be done in straight lines and organic curves.

PET Felt detail incised groove pattern, acoustic sheet material

We cut aesthetic V-grooves 4.5mm deep as standard. Deeper or shallower cuts are of course also possible; that choice determines the final look of the product. We can cut at an angle of 15, 22.5, 30 or 45 degrees

PET Felt detail edge-cut, acoustic sheet material

For a sleek end result, you can choose to give the outer edge a faceted finish. This is cut at 45 degrees to halfway up the sheet thickness.

PET Felt detailing of two sheets with faceted edge

Plate pairing is always done with a 45-degree bevel-cut. This is to compensate for the minimal difference in panel thickness by a minimalist facet detail

PET Felt detail of folded corner, acoustic sheet material
Fold 90 degrees

A V-cut that just barely cuts through the sheet can be folded for tight corners. A 45-degree V-cut is used as standard. In 2D layout, the outer dimensions of the fold must be taken into account

PET Felt detail curved. Acoustic sheet material

By making several narrow V-cuts, the sheet can be bent like bend-mdf. Depending on the bending radius, the V-cut degree is determined; (15 or 22.5 degrees) + the depth of this groove. Our design team can make this estimate clear.

PET Felt sheet material detail edge
Double layer (18mm)

We offer the possibility of making double-layer PET Felt, creating dual-colour PET Felt sheets. The sheets are glued together with contact adhesive, creating an 18mm sandwich with a higher absorption value

Thermal forming

Via thermal forming, we can shape PET Felt into any shape you want. By heating it and pulling vacuum over a mould, it stays in this shape. This technique enables complex shapes, perfect for aesthetic and functional applications.

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PET Felt sheet colours
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