Pet-felt panels

Pet felt panels are an innovative and sustainable solution that is not only functional, but also contributes to environmental awareness.

Production process

The basis of pet felt panels lies in the recycling of PET plastic, derived from water bottles and soft drink bottles. After collecting these bottles, they are recycled into fibres. These fibres are carefully laid in the same direction to obtain the desired structure and strength. They then undergo a felting machine process, where friction merges the fibres into a homogeneous material - the PET felt. This felt will eventually be used as the core of the cap felt panels.


Sustainability as a Priority

What cap felt panels What sets it apart is not only the origin of the material, but also its complete focus on sustainability. By using recycled materials, the production of these panels contributes to reducing plastic waste and promoting a circular economy. The panels therefore offer not only functional benefits, but also an ecologically sound alternative to traditional materials.


Pet felt panels find application in various sectors, including construction and interior design. The panels can be used as wall coverings, ceiling tiles or sound insulating elements. Due to the sound-damping properties of the material, pet felt panels contribute to a pleasant acoustics in various spaces, such as offices, auditoriums and homes.


Aesthetics and versatility

Besides their durable nature, pet felt panels also offer aesthetic versatility. They are available in different colours and finishes, allowing them to be adapted to various interior styles. This versatility allows for a functional and visually appealing environment.


Pet felt panels represent a harmony between sustainability and functionality. With their origins in recycled PET bottles and their wide applicability in various sectors, these panels represent a promising step towards a more eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing approach to interior design and building projects.

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