Acoustic Lamps

With more than 10 years of experience in the visual and acoustic field, In-Zee presents a diverse range of acoustic lamps.

Discover acoustic lamps by In-Zee

Welcome to In-Zee, where innovation and functionality come together in our extensive collection of acoustic lamps. As a leading noise control and interior design company, we offer high-quality solutions that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also contribute to a comfortable and productive working environment. Our acoustic lamps combine the power of effective lighting with advanced sound-absorbing technologies, making them an indispensable element for any modern interior.

Acoustic wallcovering PET Felt with cut pattern

Acoustic lamps that impress

Whether in offices, meeting rooms or public spaces, our acoustic lamps offer a perfect blend of functionality and style. Thanks to their contemporary designs and versatility, they fit effortlessly into various interior design concepts and enrich the space with their sophisticated appearance. Moreover, our lamps are designed with sound absorption in mind, so they not only enhance visual appeal but also help reduce ambient noise and reverberation, resulting in a quieter and more comfortable environment.

Smart solutions for noise control and lighting

At In-Zee, we strive to provide intelligent solutions that meet the needs of modern workspaces. Our acoustic lamps are a perfect example of this. By integrating advanced sound-absorbing materials with high-quality LED lighting technologies, our lamps not only provide pleasant lighting, but also help create a calm and productive environment. With In-Zee's acoustic lamps, you are not only investing in lighting, but also in the well-being and performance of your employees. Get to know our range today and discover how our lamps can transform your space.

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