Acoustic fabrics

In-Zee offers acoustic fabrics that strike the perfect balance between sound absorption and visual aesthetics. Whether for offices, meeting rooms, theatres or restaurants, our canvases create a calm and pleasant environment, while giving a sophisticated look to any interior.

Benefits of Acoustic Cloths

  • Sound absorption
    Our acoustic fabrics are designed to absorb sound waves and reduce unwanted echoes, creating a quieter and more comfortable space for work, communication and relaxation.

  • Visual aesthetics
    Besides their acoustic performance, our fabrics also add a touch of elegance to any room. Available in different colours, patterns and textures, they can be matched to the style and character of your interior. View the collection.

  • Flexibility in Application:
    Our acoustic cloths can be applied to various surfaces, including walls, ceilings and even furniture, making them a versatile solution for various spaces and designs.

How Acoustic Cloths from In-Zee transform your space

At In-Zee, we understand that the acoustics of a room have a major impact on its overall atmosphere and functionality. Our acoustic screens are designed to transform your environment by absorbing unwanted sounds and creating a serene and comfortable atmosphere. These canvases are ideal for offices, meeting rooms, theatres and restaurants, where noise control is essential for an optimal experience. Our acoustic fabrics are manufactured with high-quality materials which effectively absorb sound waves and reduce echoes. This leads to a significantly quieter environment, enhancing concentration and communication. By striking the right balance between sound absorption and visual aesthetics, our canvases contribute not only to sound comfort but also to the visual appeal of the room. They are available in various colours, patterns and textures to perfectly match the interior design of your space.

The versatility of Acoustic Cloths from In-Zee

In-Zee acoustic fabrics offer unparalleled application flexibility. They can be easily installed on walls, ceilings and even furniture, making them a versatile solution for a variety of spaces and designs. Whether you have a large open office space Whether you want to optimise your business, make an intimate meeting room quieter, or improve the acoustics in a restaurant, our canvases offer the perfect solution.

Thanks to their aesthetic versatility, our acoustic fabrics fit effortlessly into any interior. They can be adapted to the specific style and character of your space, making them not only functional but also decorative. Moreover, In-Zee offers expert advice and support throughout the entire process, from selecting the right cloths to installation, ensuring you get an acoustic solution that perfectly suits your needs.

We will gladly help you with your idea, design or acoustic challenge

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