Acoustic panels

Acoustic panels offer stylish solutions for noise control in a variety of spaces, from homes to offices. Optimise comfort and aesthetics.

Importance of acoustic wall panels in various rooms

Acoustic wall panels, which reduce reverberation in rooms, are sound-absorbing solutions. In addition to ceilings, walls are often used as surfaces for these absorbent materials. The appearance of acoustic wall panels is usually more important than for ceiling solutions, as they hang more prominently in plain sight. Acoustic wall panels offer both functional and aesthetic benefits and are suitable for a variety of environments, including at home, in restaurants, and in offices. These panels improve sound quality and are widely used in spaces where sound absorption is crucial, such as offices, meeting rooms, theatres, and even homes.


Noise Control with Style and Functionality

Acoustic panels are effective sound absorption solutions that control unwanted noise and improve overall acoustics. Manufactured from sound-absorbing materials such as fibreglass, foam, wood wool, or perforated metal, these panels are versatile with different shapes, sizes, colours and patterns to fit seamlessly into any room. In addition to their functional properties, some panels also serve as artistic elements, giving them a dual role as both practical and decorative additions to the room.


What are acoustic panels?

So how do you create better acoustics in the living room? Whereas materials with a hard finish reflect sound, soft, porous materials absorb the sound right. An acoustic panel consists (in part) of a soft material, such as felt, foam or (recycled) polyester wool. This ensures that acoustic panels break up the reflection of sound waves.


Echo in the home

If you have a living room with concrete floors and minimalist styling, reverberation may sound familiar to you. It is also a common problem in new-build houses and large rooms. The result? Headaches, poor concentration and sore ears at children's birthdays and dinners.


The Power of Acoustic Panels in Work and Living Space

Acoustic panels not only offer improved acoustics, but also promote concentration and productivity in workspaces. They reduce reverberation, improve speech intelligibility and create a pleasant listening environment. Installing these panels is not only a sustainable noise control solution, but also contributes to a more comfortable living and working environment. These panels effectively optimise sound quality while maintaining the visual attractiveness of the room.

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