About us

With more than 10 years of experience in the visual and acoustic field, In-Zee presents a diverse range of sound-absorbing products.

With our own collection, ranging from wall panels to acoustic lighting and from dividers to our sustainable Cradle collection, we can translate any requirement into the right acoustic solution. In addition, In-Zee works closely with architects, designers and project organisers for custom-made projects. Thanks to our own design department and workshop, we can respond quickly.

Offices, meeting rooms, canteens, waiting rooms and meeting areas. Within a building, each space fulfils an essential role in the experience of work, social interaction and personal well-being. In-Zee specialises in translating those specific functions into visual and acoustic comfort. Into interior designs that make staying pleasant. That create atmosphere and make an impression. Matching the purpose of the space, the appearance of the building and the designer's ideas. We inspire, advise and implement.

Sustainability as a mission

PET Felt is a refreshing new material made from PET. These panels are pressed from partly recycled fibres together with a small amount of new fibres to ensure the colourfastness of the panels. No glue or other raw material is added in the production process. This makes PET Felt a homogeneous material. This makes the material excellent for recycling. A great material therefore, you just shouldn't throw it away!

For this reason, we develop our products as much as possible according to the technical recycling cycle of the Cradle 2 Cradle principle. In our design process, we take into account cutting efficiency, we develop constructions without gluing and we reuse any residual material as much as possible. In this respect, In-Zee aims for 0% PET Felt waste. Our choices for textiles, acoustic wool and aluminium frames are also made with sustainability in mind.

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